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Pilvi Computing Inc provides PC and server architecture design, setup, and support services; and high-quality turn-key web site design, programming, and (local or cloud-based) hosting services for non-profits, home users and small and medium sized businesses.

We also specialize in supporting non-profit and professional associations in planning and procurement, setting-up and supporting Association Management Systems (AMS).

Pilvi Computing also provides high-performance computing (HPC) related systems design and setup, consulting, (parallel) programming, quality assurance (QA) and support services, including cloud-based HPC operations, for small and medium size businesses and research organizations.

  • Tired of non-committed, impersonal tech support? At Pilvi Computing we assign you a dedicated project manager / single-point-of contact, committed to providing you a fast, smart solution in a professional fashion.

Web-site and database design, and management services including web-based advertising and search engine optimization (SEO); and scalable and redundant cloud-based solutions.
  • We provide full turn-key professional web-site design, programming and hosting services.
  • We collaborate with very high caliber graphical designers resulting in a both artistically pleasing and functionally correct web-site designs.
  • Once you have approved the design, we will program the web-site using a variety technologies and languages as needed, including for example HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Shell scripting, SSL for secure websites, WordPress, phpBB, etc.
  • After you have approved the final implementation, we will make your site public, hosted on our dedicated servers, backed by top-tier Liquid Web datacenter and hosting company.
  • For sites with heavy and/or peak traffic we can deploy your site in the Amazon AWS Cloud, for industrial scale scalability, redundance and cost management.
  • Our service also includes Google Analytics traffic analysis reporting on a monthly basis.
  • We can also handle all your database setup, hosting and management needs.
  • We can also manage your web advertising campaigns (e.g. Google Adwords, etc), and execute standard search engine optimizations (SEO) for your website.
  • All our services are turn-key solutions, we will handle all technical aspects and provide you fast, professional and personal service, so that you can focus on your own core business.
  • Our clients include e.g (excellent referrals available upon request).
  • Please contact us for more information, and for a free assessment and quote.
PC, server, and compute cluster installation, architecture design, and setup services
  • We provide systems design, installation, and setup services for Windows and Linux based IT systems.
  • We can handle the installation and setup of all main components including hardware, Windows and Linux operation system, application software, firewall, antivirus, malware protection, networking, backup, cloud infrastructure, and storage components.
  • We also resolve ongoing issues related to all major PC or server component areas including PC and server hardware, software, security, operation system, and networking issues. If your PC or server is giving you a hard time, we would be happy to help.
  • Our clients include e.g. (excellent referrals available upon request)
  • Please contact us for more information and a free assessment and quote.
Association Management Systems (AMS) setup & design, on going support, and consulting services
  • We can help your organization in all steps of setting up and operating Association Management Systems (AMS):
  • We are happy to help you with your day-to-day information technology (IT) operations related to your AMS/CMS/Web-site/database etc systems, including website content management (CMS); events creation, and management; job board management; membership database management; email communications management etc.
  • If you are considering moving to a new AMS system, we can review your organization's operations, research and test relevant AMS vendors for your needs, and manage and handle related RFPs, and procurement. This process results to a memorandum summarizing your needs, reviewing your options including a clear and concrete recommendation for the next steps.
  • We can transfer your existing AMS data to a new AMS system, including transferring your web-site, database contents and logical structures, events, job boards, etc. We will fully configure the new AMS system and work with you and the 3rd party AMS provider so that you do not need to worry about any technical aspects of the transition process.
  • In short, we are here to help your association/non-profit with any and all of your (remotely manageable) IT needs
  • Our clients include e.g. (excellent referrals available upon request)
  • Please contact us for more information and a free initial consultation and quote.
HPC systems and solutions consulting, quality assurance, and benchmarking services
  • We provide HPC systems architecture planning ranging from high-end Linux servers to large CPU or CPU-GPGPU hybrid Linux clusters.
  • We have extensive experience in diligent, detail-oriented, and user-experience-focused quality assurance and release candidate testing. We can execute complex non-automated/manual QA and RC testing either on your local systems, or using custom-built cloud-based high-performance computing servers running in Amazon AWS Cloud.
  • Our benchmarking services portfolio includes e.g. basic FLOPS, I/O, scalability, network bandwidth etc benchmarking and performance evaluation. Our particular specialty area is scalability benchmarking of (massively) parallel codes and systems. Our leading edge technologies expertise ranges from Bluegene and Cray supercomputers to Cloud computing and GPGPU clusters.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our HPC consulting, quality assurance, and benchmarking services.
HPC user support and code development services
  • Pilvi Computing provides your high-performance or research computing organization high-quality, service-oriented HPC application support and code development and porting services.
  • Our team is very experienced in HPC application usage, parallel programming (MPI, OpenMP, GPGPU/CUDA), parallel debugging, and Linux/Unix systems usage support ranging from individual workstation scale to massively parallel Cray and Bluegene supercomputer systems.
  • We provide HPC application usage support services, HPC (parallel) code development, and code porting (e.g. transferring HPC codes to new OSs and systems) and consultation ranging from solving your 'one time' challenging problem to supporting your organization on a continuing basis for extended periods of time.
  • Our clients include e.g. (excellent referrals available upon request)
      • Northeastern University Advanced Scientific Computation Center (ASCC)
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details and for a free initial consultation.
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